Pros and Crocs

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While the world was preparing for a warning in Global warming in the future, some guys somewhere were busy fooling around with plastic to create what they thought was a miracle; Crocs.I was reading about them. We like to formulate opinions about them without knowing its true purpose.

So, i decided to dig deep into this 280 Million Dollar enterprise. And take a dig at them too.
They were originally manufactured only as Spa Shoes when you, yes YOU, people decided to embrace

So, let me understand them here.
a) They are larger than life. (at least your own foot)
b) They come in eye blinding colors.
c) They hand feel is cringe material.

Need i say more? I think yes.
I came across a very interesting piece of news while reading about the Crocs.
“In 2008, the U.S. government Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved a model of Crocs with molded insoles as diabetic footwear, to help wearers avoid foot injuries.”

I mean seriously, could footwear be more molested?

And, this is not me speaking, Almost whole of the Fashion world agrees with me here.
Tim Gunn,a famous fashion consultant, apparently told Times Magazine, “the Croc – it looks like a plastic hoof. 
How can you take that seriously?”

You have got to love the man for saying this.

Here, is a lesson for all you people, if you think Crocs look so hot with those shorts you’re wearing,
please for the love of god, take a raincheck.

Crocs are foot wear which have back slashed the entire fashion world with a middle finger stating we
can sport food on our foot and it will sell.

We don’t expect you to wear something outrageously gorgeous; but don’t insult fashion and sport these
plastic giants.

For example-
                                         Is this is called taking your job too seriously?
Oh Lord. That just brought a tear to my eye at least. There is nothing too wrong about his ensemble but
what the fuck is he wearing down south?

Wait. I came across a more interesting one here.

                       Now, we are talking. Image was rightfully called, “doccroc.jpg”. Lovely.
Wait. I am guessing, these guys need the plastic giants to run around? I don’t get it. No. I don’t.
Right now, to me, these guys look like mutants for the next Pandora flick.
Either which way, Crocs suck mother nature (literally) and its a virus.
On a serious note, they have long term medical affects as well. Don’t expect me to list them down here
in a fashion blog. You have Wikipedia to help you out here.

Needless to say, people, what you wear determines how seriously you take your self.
Please, take yourself very seriously


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Once upon a Fad

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“Outta sight..Oh my god! This is so fad!” one of the ways our zealous teenagers would react on seeing something insanely appealing.
 Slangs being the IT vocab mayor.
Funny thing is, not all of us know what fad really is. I made an attempt to ask a few people because i, myself was one of the unfortunate lot not to “really know” what fad meant. I got some interesting answers here-
Ans # 1: Ohhh it means radical.
P.S:        um. Yes.
Ans # 2: Isn’t that some kind of a drug?
P.S:        even better.
Ans # 3: I guess it has something to do with obesity.
P.S:       Okay that word is fat, lady. Jesus Christ she needs help.
Ans # 4: Oh is that the new Brad Pitt movie i missed?
P.S:        No, the movie you missed was, “Broaden thy horizon”.
Ans # 5: Can you please spell that for me?
P.S:        Err.. Yes the toughest 3 letter word to be spelled.
So for the love of Fashion , i decided to take the initiative and educate the naive section of the society about what fad really is.
Fads are something that is embraced very enthusiastically for a short time, especially by many people. This is the most technically correct definition i have seen considering the answers i received from people whose names i choose not to disclose for safety reasons.(Not theirs, mine)
Coming back to fads, some of the fashion revolutions we have witnessed in the past decade have been remarkable. The term fashion got its rightful place, due to the very influential Charles Frederick Worth.
Let me brief you about some fads, Ones which i remember, flower power, goth, punk etc are some which just struck me.
A very interesting article came to my notice, parts of which i am posting.
Very descriptive and easy to imagine-
“Traipsing down the street in her tomato-red Converse All-Stars, she stops on the side of the road to check her appearance in the record and tape store window. With the ends of her tapered whitewashed jeans expertly tucked into the rolls of her bright orange socks, she tightens her ponytail. She forgot to crimp her hair this morning. Her hair sprouting directly out of the left side of her head, she ties the hem of her shirt into a knot and continues on her way to school. Innocent bystanders can’t help but ask who is this girl? She’s an ’80s runaway, a pathetic display undiscovered by the fashion police. “
Ever since magazines made fashion trends a worldwide craze, both awful and decent clothes have hit stores in bulk. Whoever coined the phrase “you can’t get enough of a good thing” was obviously oblivious to the entire bellbottom phase. Bellbottoms were a revolution in pants when they first came out. They were still selling in mass after three years.  The fact that anyone was paying money for them ten years later is a tragedy, and worthwhile only in the sense that families become closer by looking at pictures of relatives in them and laughing together. They’ve come back in a much more subdued style called the “flare”, but thankfully, they’re only sold to women.
The flower power was prolly the most overly colourful fad “fashion-kind” must have witnessed. Somebody somewhere during that period was coining a phrase: Excess of everything is bad.
And seriously, it is.
If you wake up in the morning thinking you can dress like a bouquet of flowers then in the name of Westwood, you deserve to die.
Flower power introduced men to the feminine prints. Which today some men have rightfully embodied.
No, really.
Ridiculous shirts and pants can only be complemented by even worse shoes. Take platforms, for example. I see no legitimate use for them unless you’re a little short of the height requirement for rides at amusement parks.
Talking about the grunge look of the mid 90s, everybody wore baggy pants flashing their fancy inners with baggy shirts and equality took a new stand when men and women looked the same. The skater punk look successfully made the very famous Kurt Cobain tee famous which every darn teenager prolly has in his wardrobe. Even today.
What’s truly fascinating about the fashion industry is that as trends go on, they decide the next trend would be a total opposite. If the first one was a flop, the archenemy is bound to be a flop as well, at least to those looking back. The ’90s are a perfect example. What’s worse is that one can’t help but be swayed by apparel of actors and actresses in the movies, even though they tend to poke fun at fashion rather than try to promote it. Talking about movies, there have been some fantastic moments in movies too. For example, the movie clueless is like every girl’s dream come true or the more recent Devil wears Prada.
Fashion Faux pas is a very important part in the fashion world, i mean who wouldn’t want to see people sporting florescent tank tops with extra patched jeans and every possible embellishment done?
 Keeping all this in mind, i drew an important conclusion;
 Fashion leaders would be nothing without the fashion victim’s worse species, i call them the “fashion Faux Pas Leaders.

My take: Keep it understated. If you scream less, you might just be heard.

Summer love

Summer love by AlphaPinkNation (Me)

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Fashion Foetus : A Pseudonym

June 29, 2011 at 3:14 PM (Uncategorized)

This should be a refreshing change from the usual “I love fashion” blogs.

It has everything that a fashion blog must have.

Just, its loaded with cynical posts, inappropriate lines and even verbal offence.
Its healthy. Its fun.

Its all about how to keep it stylish and pulling out Faux pas and Gaffes.


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